Okay, One more Question.. W?


I am wondering, after having a look at the gregg manual online, that there is no ‘W’?

Say for words like away, while, who, went, when, etc. etc.

Are you able to help a confused soul?

(by c-higginson for everyone)

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  1. Hi!  The W is the "oo" character if it's at the beginning of a word.  If the W is in the middle of the word, you write a dash under the vowel that is followed by a W.   How's that for confusing?  I hope it helps.   In my DJ books they put an H dot above the "oo" for words like "what", "while", etc., but my teacher told us that the H dot was now being omitted so the outlines match how we pronounce those words in the U.S.A. these days.  One less thing to worry about!

  2. The "h" dot of the "oo" was originally because it was pronounced.  After the DJS manual, the h got dropped from the "wh" word beginning.    If you don't now ennunciate it, don't write it.  The pen stop is not worth it.  It doesn't do anything to clarify the outline.  In rapid writing, some wordd with an "h" the dot is just left out (i.e., "him").    The "oo" is close enough to "w" at the beginning of a word to work.   

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