St. Casian

Fellow stenographers, today is St. Casian’s Day according to my National Notary Assoc. Calendar.  St. Casian is the patron saint of stenographers and was martyred on this day in 298 a.d.
(I did not make this up…)  Cheers!

(by troutgirl1501
for everyone)


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  1. St. Cassian (2 s's):   St. Cassian Feastday: December 3

    Martyr mentioned in a hymn by St. Prudentius, also called Cassian of Tangiers. He was a court recorder at the trial of St. Marcellus the Centuュrion. Aurelius Agricola, deputy prefect in the Roman province in North Africa, conducted the trial. When the death penalty was imposed on St. Marcellus, Cassian threw down his pen and declared that he was a Christian. He was arrested immediately and put to death. Cassian is patron of modern stenographers.

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