Fables booklet

Hi, all.
There’s a copy of the little Fables booklet, written in Gregg shorthand, on E-Bay right now . . . it’s a “buy it now” offer for about $20.  A little pricey for a slim paper booklet, but it’s a rare item and probably priced right.
Just a “heads up” for anyone who’s interested.
The item offered has a different cover than the copy I have–mine has a dark maroon solid color cover.  I don’t know the printing history of this booklet.

(by alex for everyone)

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  1. Well, let's see – you posted that at 9:31 am, I read it at about 10:00 and went in search of the fables booklet – which I've been wanting.  It's gone.  Someone else wanted it and got there before I did.  That will teach me not to read my emails eariler.  Oh well…   Take care, Joanne

  2. Must be you . . . sorry I called you a "varmint."    Joanne said she couldn't find it after 10:00.   Anyhow, congratulations.  These little pieces of shorthand history all go together to make up a fascinating story.  I'll tell you, Gregg Publishing Company was sure prolific!    Alex

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