Help! I have my grandmother’s old diary.  Some of which is recorded in Gregg. (Or so I think because I remember seeing a Gregg shorthand dictionary and some of her steno notes as a kid, so I don’t think it’s Pitman) Anyways, the diary is from 1943 and her writing/shorthand, from what I can tell is impeccable, uniform and very linear. Is it possible for me to scan the pages I need translated and someone could help me figure it out???? I’ve been sitting on this book for about 3 years and finally stumbled across this awesome message board.
thanks, jenn

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  1. Of course maybe she was adviced to write everything in Gregg and her diary was another thing.  That was suggested in several Gregg books.   I've done it myself just to practice and use up the last few pages from last years diary.  If someone is able to you could e-mail a scanned copy privately and then go from there. Debbi

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