Diamond Jubilee Manual?

Hi all,
Im new to short hand, and after a bit of reading, I think Id like to learn Diamond Jubilee Gregg shorthand.
Does anyone know of any manuals around for this version of Gregg?
(and is this a good idea? 🙂

(by darafeyen for everyone)

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  1. Welcome to the group.

    If you go to our documents section, the file "gregg-shorthand-comparison.pdf" lists the differences in the series of shorthand and the textbooks for each. If you go to the column labeled "Diamond Jubilee" and go to the row "Which books should I buy to start?", you will find the titles of the books you may want to consider. You don't need to buy all of those, just one of them is sufficient. The books are out of print, but you can get them from eBay, or in used bookstores, or online (Amazon Marketplace, Abebooks, Alibris, Barnes & Noble, for example).

    Good luck!

  2. If you can't find the "Fucntional Method" book, some of the others have keys to them, but you will want them.   I learned DJS and I liked it.  I think it is prettier writing then Anniversary, but I like Anniversary more for other reasons (speed, more reading material, etc).   I found my manuals at a second hand store when I learned it. Debbi

  3. Welcome, Darafeyen.   Just did a search for "shorthand functional" on http://www.abebooks.com and found a functional text for $1.   http://tinyurl.com/3yqzrw   There are always lots of DJ books on abe.com — that's where I got 95% of my DJ collection.   If you have a actual antique record player, another good selection is on ebay right now:   http://tinyurl.com/35m7eo   It's a much shorter course, so you'll still have to get supplementary books, but it has dictation "vinyl"!   sidhe

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