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Merry Greetings, ALL ~  ~
I’ve been interested in learning shorthand for years now, and finally, I feel I am going to buckle down and make it happen!
I’m glad to have found this group, as I’m sure it’ll bring much help in learning it, & encouragement for the times I may feel lazy about practicing.
As long as I’ve known the existance of shorthand, I’ve been so amazed (& saddened) at how it’s no longer a class from schools.. much like Latin. That need be or Should be brought back. However, as such it is a quieted skill among the few (& to say of them: you are awesome!)…  I can’t help but feel excitedly involved in an underground movement of communicating in code. lol. 
I hope to make it a life long commitment in learning and mastering this SKILL. (& perhaps learning more than one style of it.)
And so knowing my hopes & plans of making this an inseperable part of my being, I can TAKE MY TIME….All the time needed for me to carry out this hefty endeavor.
What stayle shall I venture to tackle?    Gregg Shorthand
Not because this site is titled with it but rather due to my reviewing and pondering the various styles, I feel Gregg is the one for me. (What WILL my husband say of this?! lol) : P 
So I send my warm greetings to all here, & may this be the begining of a S’wonderful Relationship inside the slightly underground movement of communicating in code

(by 짚silver짠lining짚 for everyone)

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  1. Welcome, well these days you do feel pretty special knowing shorthand. But I can tell you most of the fun comes in learning it. Going through a textbook that was made in 1929, you feel like one of the students sitting in some classroom trying to figure out a certain shorthand symbol.

    Unfortunately you never know whether you'll hit it off with learning it. One of the forum members I remember reading said "Obsession has no schedule", and that is so true with learning shorthand. Whereas I need to plan time to study, to go out with friends, to read, with shorthand I just sorta default to doing it when I'm at home or about.

    I commend your choice of Gregg. It is a very aesthetically pleasing system, and your hand will thank you for the less amount of work it has to do.

  2. Thanks, Michael.   I've had the obsession of wishing to learn. but haven't actually acted upon it until now. I've had in my ownership a large text book called "shortcut shorthand' for maybe 7 years but never really felt it in me to dig in. Since I knew that it wasn't the REAL shorthand I had wanted to learn.    Now, what I have is two books from the library: Gregg shorthand manual simplified. and Refresher course in Gregg shorthand Diamond Jubilee series. Sadly this was all my local library had. :S   I'll have to look through the groups pages, as I read there is info for where to get books etc. I'll need to purchase my own for this task, since I plan to spend years in learning.   Sad thing is, I know that EVEN though I have the drive in learning this, It'll probably take me a long time, because teaching myself such things is difficult for me.  I do better in classes or with another going through it with me. Sigh. But I hope I can pull it off.   Thanks for the welcome!   짚S짠L짚

  3.   Anyone have a preference for which style Gregg they use? & can give reasons Why?   Since I ONLY have 2 books and out of the two, One is of full text book teaching status. Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified 2nd edt.  It is what I have to use IF I want to start learning asap. Otherwise I'd have to wait a couple weeks or so, til I can order other books.   Would this be a good choice of the various styles of Gregg to pursue?     짚S짠L짚   

  4. Its the age old question of how much you want out of it versus how much you're willing to put in. Thing is if you want to use it for a long time and not for merely a practical purpose, then Anniversary simply has more to it. Its like learning the spelling of english verse the spelling of — I don't know — one of those other languages that have easier spelling than english.

    Anniversary has around triple the brief forms, and its abbreviation rule means that you have to develop a sense for how different word families are abbreviated. It's sort of like mastering the english spelling, you need to put it some work into it until it becomes second nature.

    Still the systems aren't heavily modified from one another, so one can readily, and many do, change to an earlier system if they feel that the extra shortcuts will be of benefit to them.

  5. I spent a solid year learning Simplified and it has worked out very well for me, but I regret that I could have spent that same year learning Anniversary instead.  There are  definitely more rules and brief forms, but if speed is what you want, Anniversary is where you will find it. 

  6. Thanks, Michael & Ulfila.   I want to get the most of what I learn out of the choice I make. and the time I put into learning this, is all the time I have to offer. Which fortunately for me, is more than the average person.   I'd like to use Shorthand for all reasons one can use it for! Both Practical & Personal.  Everyday use.   Sadly I've wasted so many years in not pursuing this skill. Even though I KNEW I had wanted to know it from the get-go. Such as it goes for many things I just keep on the back burner.   So, anniversary, huh?   Hmmm…   I do care about speed. (In slowhand I write quite fast. Used to writing to keep up with my fast paced thoughts. ) So, I'd imagine in shorthand I'd need something that developes in great speed, WITH the least space for making error. Meaning, If I'm going to be fast (which is something I can't help).. It needs to be something easily distinguishable in symbol. ~)'(~   Does this fit into anniversary?   짚S짠L짚  

  7. Distinguishable is in the eye of the beholder. Eventually with proficiency you will have absolutely no problem, but you just have to buckle down with a book, [by the way anniversary books are available at andrew owen's website gregg.angelfishy.net in pdf format], and learn all the rules and practice. I guarantee you that in the first months you will be baffled by the most simple words.

  8. Simplified is a very good version of the Gregg system.  It has produced writers that are very, very fast.  I worked with a woman who wrote Simplified and she wrote beautifully readable notes when mine were barely transcribable (she was my trainer at the courthouse so when I got into a fix, I'd go look at her notes).  Simplified has very good speed potential.   Basically, the secret to speed is:  eliminate hesitation in your writing.  Be able to recall your brief forms automatically and have a very good basic working vocabulary of words that will free you up to handle the less frequent or unfamiliar words.    I write Anniversary now because when I was a student, Series 90 was the current version and I just didn't like it.  With studious application to learning and practicing the Simplified version, you should be able to do quite well.  If I recall, Deanni wrote around 175 wpm. 

  9. That's inspiring, AnniversaryFan1.   Since I only have the simplified at this time, and you mention of it's speed potential etc.. Perhaps I shall just jump in to learning this kind. And if I find its not working out after some months, then, perhaps I'll switch to another.     Thanks, A.F.1. 🙂     짚S짠L짚

  10. oooo.  §horthand 짠peakeasy would be fitting for the underground movement, such that it slightly is.    tattoo: like perhaps the symbol for the word of the style of shorthand particular to the member. (Done in Henna, would be my preference.)    Down~low & Mellow @ The 짠horthand 짠peakeasy     짚Silver짠Lining짚

  11. On E-Bay yesterday I saw a set of cufflinks that said "I love you" in shorthand.  It was all phrased together and looked pretty cool.  I nearly picked them up just for the novely.  I don't have a single shirt that requires cufflinks.    The outline for "shorthand" (written prior to DJS) could be a cool tattoo.    I get a bit of a giggle out of the idea of steno bars.  You could only get admitted if you knew one of the secret words, like:  John Robert, Leslie, Zoubek, Richmond, Ramsey, Dupraw, etc.

  12. NEAT!! Ann'Fan'1!   I would definately wear those cufflinks. I have never worn them before, (I'm female, and usually fold sleeves up 2-3 times.)  I have many dressshirts, and would actually make a new effort JUST for wearing those. lol. (of course, what would it be saying about myself? I had to get my own links that said "I love You". How tacky. LOL)  {I would still wear them though. heheh)   ~*~   Yes, a tattoo or henna of shorthand in your style you know. (should be enough to get in, actually… ) But if any trouble with the tattoo, then yeah, one of those words to get in.     I think it's a SWELL Idea having a steno bar. I FEEL as though there already is one and wish I could GO now!   there could be the "brawl" of shorthand stand-off's for speed competition. lol (jk about a fight.) There could be a nickelodeon (Jukebox), with music from the Main shorethand era. 30s, 40s, 50s… (oooo great stuff!) We could buy steno pads there. Great pens/pencils excellent for shorthand. Etc.   What a great place for gathering shorthandees.   How Dreamy.  ~ 짚Silver짠Lining짚 ~    

  13. Sigh..   I haven't gotten any worthy practice in, since I started here. Shortly after getting those couple books, family matters took over. A lot of care-giving, every day for some relatives, has put any shorthand practice on the back burner…for now.   I had so hoped to be well into practicing and using some shorthand by now. But alas, there has been no break or let up, providing time for the study.   Here's hoping that within the coming months, I'll be able to get back into it.   I haven't given up. So return, I shall! lol   –짚Silver짠Lining짚

  14. Now, in the midst of family matters is probably the best time to tackle Gregg. There must be some time when your sitting still. Just keep a pad of paper and a pen and practice even if just for a moment.

    Treat shout hand like a yo-yo. Just put it out whenever you have a pause between tasks that's to short to do something productive.

    Also, because Gregg is easily written without looking at the page, you can practice while watching kids or TV and such.

  15. I used to read Gregg books while sitting outside bedroom doors waiting for the kids to go to sleep. I was also able to do my second copy. (I used to write the material down the left column, then copy it to the right. It made me read my first copy and catch mistakes, and was a second time to write it.) Writing from a text or taking dictation was out of the question. To write from the text I need a desk, and for dictation I need absolute quiet.

    Yes, shorthand was used by subversives! Influential speeches were written down and published (sometimes secretly). We have some of Shakespeare's plays because he wrote them down. One of Jesus' Disciples dictated his letters to two scribes.

    Less subversive, several popes and ministers and politicians used shorthand for their notes.

    The pink-collar stenographer is a recent, and short-lived, invention.

  16. Thanks, Hot' & Cricket'…   Unfortunately.. The family issues are such, that I have time to wake up, get ready, then drive. Drive, n drive.  Then when arrive to destinations, I delve straight into care-giving. Which on avgerage, takes about 9 hours out of my day, almost always on my feet. Then back to driving home again. Needless to say, I'm Completely Wiped out by the time I get home. Often times, It's difficult to drive due to tiredness. and then the cycle continues. :S   This is what consists of my days in n' out. for some time now. I DO hope it lets up soon. But for now.. There just aren't enough breaks or free time. Or when there is free time..e.g. when I get home, (such as just now) … My mind is too beat to even think about practicing any type of study. Or to think period. lolol. :S   It's actually taken me a long time to type this note out. As my brain has had it's work-out for the day…overly so.   I do see improvement on the part of this elderly relative, however, word is he wont be getting to go home for some time still. and his wife needs care at their house as well. So, until there's a Large amount of Let up from this back n forth travel and family care-giving… I'll not have the brain power, time, n drive it takes – to Fairly practice n study my shorthand.   When I DO get back into it.. I will certainly use the good TIPS you two have given.   Thank You Both – for taking the time to give me ideas in my shorthand-learning battle. lol. : )   Warmly, 짚S짠L짚

  17. Hugs!

    Do see about getting help. There are many organizations at all price levels, and they will do anything from housecleaning to feeding to supervising medications to taking them grocery shopping. They take a lot of the stress off everyone. Burning yourself out will not help anyone.

    As for shorthand, it will wait. We can do it all, but not all at once.


  18. Thank you, Cricket~ Still doing the same jazz.. But for today and the next few (Unless otherwise), I will get to stay home for rest. The one relative that was not home..has finally returned. I took him home last Friday. Wheeu! : ) This, Of course, doesn't take away from them needing me to be there for them both, often.. But it does relieve some stresses as to how his recovery is going. and now they are together again. Which also should help with his healing. : ) There will also be a nurse that is supposed to visit now n' then, to check up on the bandages etc..  But over all.. I'll still be the one doing the main care. i.e. changing bandages, cleaning, shopping etc for them, the usual. They/we can not afford to hire any extra help. (I wish! lol..) The nurse that is to be coming, isn't covered by insurance for him. He was initially to have 5 nurses. but when he found that he wasn't covered for them.. he knocked it down to 1 nurse. They wouldn't've be doing anything extra from what I do already. So there's no worry from losing them. Anyway.. babbles. This is not a sob story. lol.  Just an update. and it is, over all, on the up side of news.   He's home and getting better. Lets hope he continues on this path. : ) For me. Still not mentally UP to getting back into shorthand studies. (sigh.) I do think of it on a daily basis. but I just don't have that concentration patch down. Kind of flittering lately. :S "We can do it all, but not all at once."  Indeed! you are right. I too believe in this way of thinking. Thanks again, Cricket!    Hugs back! 짚S짠L짚

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