can someone help decipher this.?

My mother Died monday and left this it is Gregg can someone help decipher this.?

(by nh_cherokee for everyone)

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  1. Yeah its posted, I can catch snippets, but you should get some people answering this thread within a few hours with a bit more experience. I can say that the shorthand is not very good, but some people here used to be teachers and might be able to decipher it. It sounds like some sort of instructions. Something along the lines of:

    "Selisle Number"
    You can claim? five ? five ?
    This must be after start at(or yet) ferro(or fear of) leave it x3
    Stop at "Chirdy Two" (That first word is written strangely) drive (or during) dial right x2
    Stop on fifteen drive (or during or door) dial left, stop at forty seven.

    Definetly some sort of instructions, to get to somewhere.

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