Just starting Gregg

I’ve downloaded a copy of Gregg Shorthand Anniverssary Edition and am teranslating the first sentence drill in unit 1. What I have thus far makes sense but am having problems with some of it and I can’t find anything/anyplace to check my work. Can somebody help?

(by hakj for everyone)

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  1. Well I assume you have got the book from gregg.angelfishy.net Even if that is not the case, if you go back to the site, and look on the right column, there is an online version of that book. At the bottom of each chapter, there is a link "Key to transcription" or something like that. That link has all the translations for you, for every chapter in the book.


    I translated the sentence drill, simply to make myself feel good about how far I've gotten since the time I also struggled with something like this.
    he can go there in an hour. I will not go. It did not go well in there. He will not go there will he? At the hour I am going. Good, I will go there. Will he not go? Are there more in there?

    Shorthand is heaps of fun!
    Good luck.

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