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Alex, thanks.  I didn’t think to include in my note whehter a PDF was available on this.  As you say, none available that I know of.   Next best thing is GREGG EXPERT SPEEDBUILDING, any edition, but make sure it’s the EXPERT text of any of the Gregg versions. 

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  1. I have the 1945 (Anniversary) and the Simplified Expert Speed Building. A cursory comparison revealed the two books are almost identical (at least in the early stages) except that the Anniversary uses some abbreviating principles and the reversed circle to indicate "r" consistently. Somewhat humorous to me was the treatment of "farm" in the first lesson. Anniversary: F-reverse A-M; Simplified: F-A-M. I've been working with the Anniversary book for some time and find most of the articles fascinating. There's plenty of drill material and each lesson introduces only a few "new" brief forms for a total of 100, which are indexed at the end of the book. Either book would serve your purpose very well.   For a complete review of all theory and much more practice I'd recommend Gregg Speed Building for Colleges, either the Anniversary or the Simplified editions which methodically take you through the entire system.   I also have the DJS "Expert" book but it seems to accentuate those boring business letters which put the reader to sleep.   Gregg Reporting Shortcuts is a wonderful book. Although I don't own the Simplified edition, I have the Anniversary tome and have found it invaluable.   Essentially the Expert books place the emphasis on cleverly constructed phrasing shortcuts rather than brief forms. And the phrases you meet are fascinating … and not difficult to retain in your memory.   While making no secret of my preference for Anniversary, I admit Simplified (which was what I learned in high school) has many plus elements, including its emphasis on analogy when you're learning prefixes and suffixes, connected or disconnected.   Truly, and I mean no offense, I do not care for the simplification in Gregg that began with DJS and subsequent versions. But that's truly a moot point.   If you've studied and completed the Simplified  or Anniversary Manual, and don't feel ready for the Expert book, go for Gregg Speed Building for Colleges. It's an excellent book and readily available at a reasonable price from ebay, Amazon resellers, or Abebooks.   Good luck!

  2. I'm dying to get my hands on the 1945 Edition of the Expert book.  I have the Simplified version and I would love to get my hands on an Anniversary edition since that's what I write.    I noticed that the shortcuts in the Simplified and the DJS versions are identical.  It seems the Anniversary edition is like the Holy Grail.  🙂

  3. Guess I lucked out last May when I found the 1945 Gregg Shorthand Speed Course in good condition from, I believe, an Amazon reseller for about $10 plus postage. Another poster was kind enough to email me a pdf of the Teacher's Key which I use only when desperate. Miraculously, all those political speeches and articles about WWII technology are fairly easy to read. And the phrasing shortcuts are miraculous. A good warning though: only adopt the shortcuts which come naturally, you lose speed if you have to hesitate to think of an outline. Last year both the 1945 and the Simplified editions were available from both Amazon and eBay. I'm sure if you persist, they'll turn up again. (Of course if you have a copy of the outrageously priced Reporting Course which has been at abebooks for $175, I'll be happy to trade (even-steven) the 1945 Speed Course. 🙂

  4. I actually own the "Gregg Reporting Shorthand Course" and a couple copies of both editions of the Gregg Reporting Shortcuts.  (It took me 3 tries to get a 1922 copy that was complete.)   The 1945 Edition of the Expert Shorthand Speed course is just something I'm dying to get.  I wanted to see how they watered down the Gregg Shorthand Reporting Course. 

  5. That 1945 edition is pretty rare.  Once in a while it appears on E-Bay, and once in a while from one of the Amazon resellers.  I don't think it's available at currently.  It's a nicely designed book, if you can track it down.   Alex

  6. I echo what has been said about the Anniv and Simplified editions of the Expert Speed Building: they are almost the same. And I have to agree that the best books for review of theory and speed practice are the Gregg Speed Building for Colleges series for Anniv and Simplified. In fact, while I like the Anniv version, the first edition of the Simplified version of that book is just phenomenal (the second Simplified edition was not as good, in my opinion).

  7. Any comments on Gregg Dictation Simplified? Leslie and Zoubek, with plates by Charles Rader, 1949-53. I bought it for a few extra dollars when I got my Anni materials. It claims "to help review and strengthen knowledge, build shorthand writing speed, and prepare a foundation on which to build transcription skill."

    It would be useful to have a table of the books available, especially with comments such as "the third printing is much better", which I remember reading here somewhere. I would be willing to spend an hour going through the Abebooks entries to generate a list of titles, dates, and authors, and links to online copies where available.


  8. There's a copy of the 1951 "Expert Shorthand Speed Course" newly listed at for $8.48 + $3.99 shipping.  Probably a good price for that particular book–I've seen it listed for much higher ($25.00 and up).  This is the edition for simplified, of course.   If anyone here snatches it up, you might post here so people don't look for it in vain.   Alex   (Oops, I just noticed there's also a second copy of the same book from a different seller, for $8.75 + $3.00 s/h.  Feast or famine!)

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