Series 90

Michael and Alex:
Series 90 version has an Expert textbook that is quite good, and probably easier to obtain than the older versions.  GREGG EXPERT SPEEDBUILDING, SERIES 90, Zoubek, ISBN#:  0-07-073077-6, 1985 is the last printing.

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  1. Yep–I actually have it, in paperback.  Not sure if it was published in a hardback edition.  Series 90 has never been too interesting to me–I learned DJS, and the changes in S90 weren't enough to make it worth looking at.  I think the company did try to re-introduce some older brief forms, but otherwise I can't tell the difference.   I think the different "expert speed building" books were the successors to the "expert shorthand speed course" which as far as I know ended with simplified.    Alex

  2. I don't think the Series 90 version of Expert Speed Building was ever published in hard cover.  I've got two copies (one ordered by mistake) and they are both soft cover.  I was hoping that the progressive speed building dictation was going to have new matter in it.  Unfortunately, the progressive speed builders are the same as the DJS Expert Speed Building edition.   I do like being able to step up the dictation for a whole five minute take.  Those last couple of minutes are usually a killer.  🙂

  3. Hi, all.  I took a semester of Series 90 at a community college in Calif. (after completing a DJS course the previous year when I lived on Long Island).  I don't think there are many differences between the two.   I do like writing "work" the Series 90 way, "r-k".  I think maybe "usual" is written as "u-ish" in Series 90– I picked up that habit somewhere, I can't remember if it was in the S 90 class.  My DJS book spells it out "u-ish-oo-l".  I've misplaced my Series 90 text somewhere, unfortunately, so I can't check.

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