If you want a challenge, I need help with a short story

I have a silly little plot for a fanfiction short story, but could use help with the shorthand.

A character who does not know shorthand finds a note in shorthand, picks up a text book, looks at the alphabet in the front and sets to work.

Naturally, he gets half of it wrong, and hilarity ensues.

Or he writes something in shorthand and gives it to someone who actually knows it, but I think misinterpretation is less likely in that direction.

The rest of the plot is wide open. There are tons of characters, of all ages and relationships. They go on all sorts of adventures. The enemy organization is large and varied.

I’ll start with a list of words or phrases, and see what sort of note would fit the words and the characters, before writing the note.

A study-list with concepts not on the alphabet page is tucked in the back, so he gets some advanced things right — or more wrong. Some of the most commonly used shortcuts aren’t obvious, which opens it up even more. (L could mean ‘all’. TH-A could be ‘that’ or ‘they’.)

The challenge would be to make it work for both shorthand enthusiasts who don’t know the show, and fans of the show who don’t know shorthand. I might end up with two versions, one for each audience.

If anyone has ideas (or anecdotes), I’m open to them!


(by cricketbeautiful-1 for everyone)

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  1. Which version of shorthand?    With anniversary there are a lot of possiblities for someone to get it wrong (a funny event with me was I was reading a shorthand book and one letter was about cots… a few lessons down was a letter on coats… same symbol and I couldn't for more then half the letter figure out the word and even the word before it 'fur' didn't help… so one was selling camping style cots and one was selling fur coats).  And there are other examples that could be used that would work for something like this.   Other versions, I'm sure, have similar outlines or ones that could be close.  I'm sure learners (all of us) could help you with that.   Plus the character maybe didn't write the shorthand correctly… my 'e' and 'a' are rarely to size,   How about those of us who have made our own abbreviations for what we use.  That might work in your story… they think it's one word when really it's an abbreviation of another word.   Sounds like an interesting story. Good luck. Debbi

  2. Version? I could make any of them fit the plot. The series is in the future, so they'd have learned from old books.

    Maybe someone (one of the group here?) put together the best bits of the official versions. Maybe they lost the first book, and they bought a different version as a replacement.
    In an extreme, they blended two completely different systems — some use "W" for "will".

    Still, I'd rather stick with one or two. I think that will appeal more to Gregg writers. As you said, Anni offers lots of room on its own.

    I'm thinking humourous rather than angsty. That gives a lot more scope, the most extreme being parody.

  3. I do combine Anni with DJS because I learned DJS first and even though I "finished" the Anniversary manual I'm still trying to memorize the rules and all the brief forms/abreviations/etc.  So that is possible to do in the story.  That could even be more funny…

  4. LOL — That's what I'll be like. Never did get fast with DJS, then found this group and went Anni. (And picked up an advanced Simplified book since it was practically free.) Still need to knuckle down and finish Anni, then we'll see what happens.

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