Nifty device on ebay for machine steno

I never thought about it before, but the tapes from pre-computer steno machines are probably hard to hold down while transcribing. This is a holder for the tapes. It looks like the tape is about 2 inches wide, fan-folded in 8 inch sections. Really, really rough guesses as to the measurement.

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  1. More from ebay:

    Pernin's Universal Phonography In Ten Lessons " by H.M. Pernin . "The simplest, most legible and rapid shorhand method in the world and the only strictly phonetic, light-line, no-position and connective vowel system in use ". "For Schools and Private Study" "Awardd World's Fair Medal and Two Diplomas "–from the title page. Published by The Author, H.M. Pernin 1902. Sixteenth edition.

  2. Hi Cricket! Every modern paper writer has a tray that can hold many, many sheets of paper. The sheets fold neatly in an accordion shape, so transcribing is a snap. The only use I could think of for a stand like that is if you somehow set your paper up so you're feeding it from your pile onto the stand, then over, but it's so much easier to just do it in your lap and fold as you go.

    A new trend is paperless writers, like mine because it was $400 cheaper, where it's stored on memory and can be transferred to your computer for translation. The major downside is it requires use of a laptop, and you can't edit your notes, only the transcription.

  3. I never had a problem with transcribing from the paper of a stenograph. The paper did lie flat on the desk like it did in the tray when taking the dictation.

    There were nifty foot-pedal-controlled devices to advance the paper when transcribing–kind of like an electronic copy stand–but I never used one.


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