question about this German-based script system for English

Hi guys,

I’m curious about this system–Natural Shorthand (aka Roller’s light-line phonography). It looks beautiful, is compact, stays on the line almost obsessively, and seems brief. Even seems to have a good pedigree, being an English adaptation of Heinrich Roller’s German system. My question for those of you who are into these obscure systems is this: what speed could someone likely get with it, and if you had to compare it to a Gregg version, which one would it be?


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  1. Interesting book, and a nice, clear digitized version.   Just reading through the first few pages superficially, and looking at some of the plates, it seems to me that speed and efficiency potentials would be about the same as Gregg.  The principles are really the same:  no shading, sequentially connected symbols, and various abbreviating techniques.    The fact that it is so closely tied to the line is interesting; that's probably a non-factor in terms of speed.    I wonder if anyone anywhere ever really learned and used this system?    Alex

  2. Thanks for posting the link. I noticed it said early in the book that once you can do 100 words per min then it you can apply for a position. Bearing in mind that there are shorthand writers who can zip along in T-line at 140 wpm, then I should think that there would be some people who could use Natual Shorthand to match that level at least and beyond, since natural shorthand looks speedier to write with a nice, neat, flowing script style.

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