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I just found out that has a course teaching Centennial.
The preamble is a little confusing, though:
Gregg Shorthand is the most widely used system of its kind in the world. It is used by millions of professionals from all walks of life in nearly every country worldwide. This system of shorthand is the most efficient of any other type created, it is considered the easiest to learn, use and read, it is simple, straightforward and elegant in design. As the Gregg system evolved, since its inception in 1888, it has become even easier to learn over the years.
This course addresses the newest version of Gregg Shorthand, which is the second edition “Simplified.” You will find that by learning this system of shorthand that your work will become much easier and the knowledge you have obtained will give you valuable access to numerous positions in the business world.
Is the instructor a member of this group?
My, admittedly superficial, knowledge of Centennial has led me to believe that Centennial is more-than-less a version of DJ, with minor changes in brief forms.
Or have I got that wrong? Could it be a reiteration of Simplified with minor changes?
All comments welcome.
PS A colleague wants to learn Gregg. I’ve just given her the gregg group url, but I don’t think she’s joined yet. Could this be a possibility for her, since she really wanted a more structured approach than self-study?

(by sidhetaba for everyone)

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  1. Hi sidhe,   Up and running?  Not quite.  I'll explain a little so you'll have a better timeframe as a waiting period.   The educational platforms have been installed and several teachers are already building their lesson layouts.  Some of the activities are not working as expected in some rooms yet function properly in others.    In order to assist instructors better, it became necessary for me to begin a training room for anyone wanting to teach their classes at ShorthandClasses.Com.  Recent testing has proven the course platform not as user-friendly as I'd hoped.  Nonetheless, the teachers still remain excited and are struggling with the challenge as they continue.    I'm sure it'll still be awhile before I can finish the training room due to community, family and work obligations needing priority over website building.   Also, as I get feedback from the teachers, the problems encountered are attacked one at a time so we all move forward even if it is slower than desired.    I'm sorry you couldn't find a link to the course listings.  There are several ways you can get to the learning platforms.  You can click on the logo at the right corner of the front website page or use the "classes" button from the horizontal menu.  Go to and login.  You'll be able to see how the learning environment is progressing and start receiving update emails as classes are finished or online teleconferencing is available.   There are also shorthand study rooms you can enroll in for free.  In these rooms, students build what they need individually or as a private group to help them learn shorthand as they go (info site-links, flashcards, question rooms, short quizzes, lesson picture games, etc…).  Don't be to alarmed if a study room asked for an enrollment key.  The enrollment key is used to "lock" a room.  All persons wanting access to study rooms are automatically enrolled as a Teacher's Aid.  Unfortunately, this method of permission creates a risk.  Thus the lockdown!  To enter the rooms, just click the teacher's email link provided, ask for the key and you'll be manually enrolled for as long as you want, no questions asked.  You can use your Skype accounts for study group sessions or upload slideshow lessons where you want them.   I should stop now; I can get pretty windy with words!  Sure hope you found some of this info helpful.   Ms. Letha  🙂

  2. Hello,   I just went on to and started to play around in my Simplified Studies area.  However, in order for this website to work properly (if I understand it correctly) I need more people in there with me!!  I'm excited about starting all of this, but I need more people!!

  3. Hi there,   You don't necessarily need another study-buddy inside the shorthand study room before it works properly; it's just nice to have a study-bud because we all seem to be more motivated and progress faster with a helper by our side.  You can definitely go it alone if you wish, the room activities should hopefully work fine.  If you run across any problems, let me know and I'll do my best to work the kinks out for you.   You have some options for assistance as you need it: If you're alone in the study room and need help, use the free teleconferencing # from inside your study room to talk with another person.  As long as you have 2 people, you can talk over your study needs and work through the activities at the same time.  I think there is one more person besides you already enrolled.  You can try and contact them by clicking the "Participants" link to select the name.  The link will give you their profile info so you can IM them, Skype them or send regular email.  Once you've contacted them, agree to use the teleconferencing # at a specific time.  It's really easy to do.  If you can't get a response from the other study member, you're welcome to contact me this same way.  If you haven't used Skype yet, go here to download it free , then add me as a contact or anyone here from our MSN Group that may also have Skype connections.  You'll find this very helpful as you learn to use it more.   If you're NOT alone in your study area, everyone can use the same contact methods as you do.  Some people are uncomfortable using phone contact or internet voice and prefer minimizing the forum or chatroom areas instead.  You'll find different avenues of communicating once you linger awhile. I've added a few more help files to the study room, though not near enough!  I hope you find some folks who'll be willing to share their time and bud-up with you for a great shorthand study experience. You may contact me anytime.  Good luck and have some fun!

  4. Thank you for the help, but I'm still confused as to what I can actually do with all of this.   I spent some time going through the program yesterday, and nothing is really in any of the sections.  Is it designed so that upload my documents to the program for others to look at?  It's not really a course, per se, but an in-depth blackboard to post that correct?   I just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything important.  Really it seems as though it's designed for me, as a user, to design my own program through the learning of Simplified.  Is that also true?   Thanks for the clarification in advance.  I appreciate the work that has gone into this so far!   Bob

  5. The one at universal class says, "…the newest version of Gregg Shorthand, which is the second edition “Simplified.”

    Uh, that's the most recently printed textbook, but it sure ain't the newest version of Gregg!

    Ms. Letha, your site says it's DJS. Is there also support for Anni and/or Simplified?


  6.  You bet!    All of the Gregg versions are supported from my site just as we do here.  IMO, the Gregg versions are one huge family and I personally compare them all and use the combination according to what benefits me most.   Regardless of their complexity or simpleness, they are still "Gregg" and extremely useful alone or together.  Yes, DJS IS my favorite (Did I mention love?)    and the "Study-Help" page on my website is definitely ALL DJS; but the rest of the website accepts our other versions  🙂     Were you wanting to know "where" on my website other versions are supported?  I'll mention some now though I'm not sure I can remember them all. Reading Rooms include separate version menus for uploads (though I haven't installed the vertical timer yet), Community Forums are separated by versions Unfinished Classrooms are already categorized for the separate versions and some combined Translation Room displays instructors who teach the different versions and are willing to translate them Submit an Article area is perfect for anyone who wants to advertise, share a story or just talk about their particular version of shorthand; not limited to Gregg.  Instructors and writers are welcome to share whatever they wish as long as it is "Anything Shorthand!" I'll stop now.  There's probably something I've left out, but can't recall at this moment. I hope I haven't been too far off the ballpark here.  Let me know if you had something else in mind of asking.  Gotta get back to ferrets for awhile.  Bye now,  Ms Letha  🙂

  7. Ms. Letha,

    Thanks for the info! It looks great, although it's missing someone to tie me to the chair each day until I finish my dictation practice.

    Will you have some sort of weekly goal / assignment for the classes?

    About the site. In August 2007 I had this exchange with them, about the Series 90 course, which was a different instructor:

    Question: Do any of your Gregg shorthand courses include sound files for other than the final exam? If so, I'd like to know (briefly) how they're set up. Are there several speeds for each chapter?

    From the School:

    Thanks for your interest in one of our online courses. We have forwarded your question to our instructor and either the instructor or we will send a reply. Please keep scrolling for other course information.

    Then more info about how the school works, and that it's up to the student to study.

    Then a more detailed syllabus for the course, including "it's up to you to study".

    You will also need pencils and a timer of some sort for accurate timing. A digital kitchen timer, watch with a second hand, or even another person can help!

    (Does that mean you write from text and time yourself? I gained 10 wpm when I switched to real dictation.)

    Using the Gregg Series 90 Shorthand method, which is the method I learned in school,

    (Not great credentials, but possibly better than "I taught myself from a book last weekend." I see the site has resumes for the teachers.)

    Reading Materials: Not necessary. All lesson text is provided within this course. You may find the course easier if you buy a used Gregg Series 90 Shorthand For College, available on Amazon.

    (This was a Series 90 course, so that's right. If the new course confuses Simplified and Centennial, it could get interesting.)

    Info on how long her high school course took, and reminder that it's up to student to do the work.

    Reply from Teacher:
    I use a couple of websites that have soundfiles for dictation practice that require RealPlayer. The sound files start at 40wpm and increase to 120wpm. Tracy


    So it all depends on whether the extra structure is worth the money to her. It's not a huge sum. I'd be inclined to keep the business in the group.

    PS I went to Amazon and "looked inside" the new Gregg Simplified. It really is 2nd edition, copyright 1949 and 1955, no mention of a later date, and has the same pictures and clothing as my copy of the original. The back cover is an advertisement for the dictionary.


  8. Thanks for input, Cricket. I actually signed up for the S90 course, and dropped out upon finding out that they never required you to submit a scan of your work. I never had to do a dictation from a sound file, but that may have come later in the course.   Two things I didn't really like:   1. There were errors in the shorthand reading assignments. The teacher had hand written the shorthand text. When I pointed them out to the teacher she said she knew they were there. She did not say that she would fix them for other students, though, and I noticed that she hadn't by the time I stopped.   2. The teacher sometimes wrote her vowels in the wrong direction.   Perhaps it was silly of me to enroll. I thought revisiting the basics might help my legibility and eventually speed.   I think I'll not bother to refer my colleague there. If there's another coworker who wants to learn, I'll set up a study group. I still need work on legibility and speed.   sidhe

  9. I knew I'd forget something!   In my first bullet, I mentioned I was using the "Topics" format, but didn't explain its layout very well.  I'll make this brief:   Each topic is a lesson.  Inside each lesson block are 7 sections or units supporting the main topic.  Much the same as 1 week equals 7 days.   Sorry I left that out.  That's all!   

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