I learned Gregg shorthand in highschool (75-76) and then went on to Secretarial School in New York (1977).  Of course, I haven’t used Gregg shorthand in years and now I need it.  I’m not sure what book to buy and where to get it that will reteach everything I’ve learned.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I’m assuming I learned from the Diamond Jubilee series, yet I’m not positive.  I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

Thank you!!

(by enjaem1 for everyone)

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  1. Welcome enjaem1   If you learned shorthand in 76, then it's likely you learned DJS or an earlier version.   Go to Andrew Owen's excellent website to learn about all the series:   Here's the timeline (stolen from the home page of MSN Gregg Shorthand group):   1888 – original
    1916 – original modified
    1929 – Anniversary (30th)
    1949 – Simplified
    1963 – Diamond Jubilee (DJ or DJS)
    1978 – Series 90 (S90)
    1985 – Centennial   As you can see, the years you studied shorthand fall late in the Diamond Jubilee time, to it's most likely you learned that series.   A quick reference point: if you remember, try writing the word "work" in shorthand.   DJ is the only series that used the brief form u-k. Every other series uses the brief form r-k.   And don't miss ShorthandMarc's site, which has excellent tips on (re)learning shorthand:   I learned shorthand in the late 60s early 70s, and even though I've been trying to get the brief form for work switched to r-k, when I'm pushed it still comes out u-k.   sidhe    

  2. Study Simplified and don't worry if you make a few outlines from another set. As long as you can read it I think you should be fine. Unless your plagued by some newly formed Gregg Gestapo.

    Simplified has the best balance between speed and memory load.

    The book is available used from about 2 dollars plus shipping.

    I've been working on making a system of Gregg that's more phonetically precise without too much of a loss in speed. And when I write something as I would in a previous version, I can reed it. So I don't thing you should worry about switching to simplified.

    I hope your pursuit fairs well.

  3. Welcome, jom257   Most of the people in this group who joined while starting out in Gregg shorthand have learned by themselves.   Ms Letha has a website that can help you with learning:   There are two classes given by one is S90, the other is Centennial.   As far as I know, no one from the group has enrolled in the Centennial course. A couple of us enrolled in the S90, but did not complete the course as it did not meet our needs.   There is a Pitman course online somewhere, but I'm not sure where.   There's also a Teeline course online, but there's a fee for that one. Not sure of the website, but googling should provide it.   Good luck.   sidhe

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