How many books are there in Simplified?

I have an interesting question for you.
I would like to know ALL the books that were published for simplified, because as I search for them on amazon/ebay/etc…, there are so many!
Here’s what I currently have in my possession:
The ‘book’–Gregg Shorthand Simplified, Second Edition
The ‘dictionary’
The ‘phrase book’
The “Speed building”
there seem to be so many more, and I don’t know if just the covers of the book changed, or they are completely different books.  Is the ‘functional method’ book any different than the Second Edition simplified text book?  They look different in the picture;  different cover, different title.
Then there is the shorthand for colleges.  What’s the difference between that and the others?
You can see that one who is not yet entirely familiar with all of this can be a little confused when searching for books!!
Thanks for your help, and I think it may clear up some questions others may have too!

(by bob1106 for everyone)

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  1. As of my last count, there are 22 books, not counting the ones published in the UK (which are different). I can send you a file with all the titles and pictures of the covers, so that you can use it as a reference. I have not posted the file here because it is too big!

  2. The high school book series in Simplified is:

    Gregg Shorthand or Gregg Shorthand Functional Method
    Gregg Dictation
    Gregg Transcription
    Gregg Speed Building Simplified

    The college series is:

    Gregg Shorthand Simplified for Colleges Vol 1
    Gregg Shorthand Simplified for Colleges Vol 2
    Gregg Transcription for Colleges, Simplified
    Gregg Speed Building Simplified for Colleges

    All, except Gregg Transcription for Colleges, Simplified, came in 1st and 2d editions.

    The functional method books and the basic manual are identical in the presentation of the material. The differences are that with the functional method (1) more material is added, (2) the key is in the back, (3) you don't start writing until Assignment (aka Lesson) 21.

    Gregg Shorthand Simplified for Colleges Vol 1 corresponds to the basic manual. The presentation of the material is similar between the college and high school books for the basic manual, though the reading material is slightly different. Except for Vol 1, the rest of the college books are different from the high school counterparts. Vol 2 is a dictation book, different from the high school book.

    … and a correction on my previous post. The count is 23.

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