Pre-anny, how many? Study comment

I am wondering: How many Pre-Anniversary Gregg writers do we have in this group?

When I recently asked for suggestions for a speed studies book suitable for Pre-Anniversary Gregg, Chuck recommended the 1917 publication.

I have since managed to latch onto a copy, and it’s terrific! If anyone is interested in improving their Pre-Anniversary skills, this is a great one to have. It gives hints and ideas I had never heard of, such as slightly rounding corners on certain words for added speed.

Also, instead of endlessly boring business letters, it has a number of literary essays written in shorthand, which is a nice diversion and keeps the interest up. If you like the older style Gregg, this book is a definite help!

If there are any other pre-annies out there, I would be interested to hear their comments and whether or not they are ever pen pals? Although I originally learned on Simplified, I hope I’m not the only antique writer in the group!

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  1. Like the others, my base system is Anniversary but I've slowly been adding "Expert" and pre-Anniversary shortcuts.

    Truthfully, I was surprised that I remembered the majority of brief forms when I picked up the shorthand habit again a couple of years ago after not really using it professionally since 1972! Guess it is like riding a bike.

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