Keeping pen to paper. What is the effect on speed?

I’m working on a Gregg based shorthand system that focuses on phonetics. And I noticed that outlines are much clearer if they’re separated by the syllable.

I need to know how much speed is lost by lifting the pen.

(by hotvichyssoise for everyone)

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  1. I recall one of my anniversary-era books mentioning, in connexion with phrasing, that the cost of lifting the pen between words was equivalent to one stroke, although they don't say how they calculated that.

  2. A monkey-wrench for your system: Separating or disjoining is currently used to distinguish between similar pre/suffixes. Your system will need to find a different way. Although, if you are spelling things out more fully, that won't be a problem.

  3. There'd be nothing to prevent spacing. Just more of an option not to. As far as I can tell the only thing my system can't handle is the Anniversary reversed e which is used to express I on all flat and right curved figures. But since I have a vowel fore ər, the reverse e/a would be redundant anyway.

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