Help, please!

We recently obtained a page of my husband’s deceased grandmother’s diary that has some type of shorthand on it. We think it may be Gregg Anniversary or Gregg Simplified, but aren’t sure.

Can anyone please decipher this for us? I’d prefer that you email it to me rather than post it to the group (we’re not sure how “private” the message is.

Thank you immensely.

Attachment: sol.pdf

(by heidig10134 for everyone)

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  1. LOL, Marilyn is my husband's mother. The date was actually October 20, 1967. The circumstances surrounding the shorthand are probably related to my husband's adoption. They brought him home in early November…

    I'll look into Pitman.

    Thanks for getting back to me!

  2. I found it weird that each day in the diary has 5 spots for 5 different years. So the page is October 20th, and the first entry is 10/20/66, the second entry is 10/20/67, etc.

    I'm dying to know what this says. I found some sites on Pitman and tried translating it myself but I'm really not sure… I hope there's someone out there that can help me.

  3. I didn't notice the different years on my first glance. I have thought of doing that before. I had a book a few years ago with a page for every day and didn't fill up all the pages and did a little adding to the pages, but I dated the newer entries. I didn't keep up with it and now I don't have the book. I thought it would be interesting to compare later, the similarities/differnces of activities on particular days of the year.

  4. OK! I have a transcription! I found two transcription "angels" that offered to transcribe it for me for free.

    FYI: They both confirmed that it is indeed Pitman shorthand.

    The first one says that it is transcribed as:
    "Didn't think things will ever be quite the same down here."

    The second one says:
    "Don't think things look ……. to be quite the same …………. or/was understood."
    She says she wants to take a break and look at it later to see if anything else jumps out at her.

    Thanks again for your links and helpful advise! 🙂

  5. Not all that exciting–but at least we know.   I'm wondering if the book is a five-year diary. I'm thinking I used to see them when I was a wee little lass scouring the local variety store. They may still be available–I haven't looked.   E

  6. Hi,   I just happily found this Gregg group.  I love shorthand because I use it in my personal life every day and hear sermons in shorthand and read signs in shorthand!  Isn't that wierd?  I took 3 years of Anniversary Gregg in high school and think of it as another language.  At the risk of sounding like a terrible snob, I can tell you that I feel I am an expert in shorthand because I've known it almost all my life.  I am a retired Exec. Secretary, but Gregg has always been so engrained in my brain that I will never forget it.    I would be glad to try to translate that which is in the diary – if it is actually Anniversary.  They started teaching Simplified the year we graduated, so I can probably read that, too.  The difference is that there are less brief forms and you write everything out a lot more, so it's basically the same.  I THINK you said that Simplified is the other one you think it might be.   Anyway, write me if you haven't yet been able to translate what you have (you can mail a copy to me via snail mail if you wish) and I'll do what I can.  If you write back & I know you're still in need of the translation I'll send you my address.    Nice to know there are so many people interested in shorthand!   A lover of Gregg shorthand in AZ [email protected] typed 5/2/08

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