Translate Shorthand Written Notes

Hello, I am looking for someone who can translate written shorthand notes. I am having a difficult time finding someone to translate these particular notes. They are a little difficult to read. I was referred to your group by a member named Marc. Hopefully someone will be able to help. I have attached the handwritten notes for review. Thanks!

Attachment: Loose Handwritten EP Notes.pdf

(by mhparalegal for everyone)

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  1. This is tough, but here is as much as I can make out of it so far (I've included parts that have been crossed out and parts written in cursive).   ? Please today tonight 8:13 03 S B/3 C This all is made which the kind in night ? ?.  Why i am alone in my office and I approached in no dw from my ? ? please condition/you should.  It is my desire to make it so.  ? ? will today 8-13-03 as follows approximately. 1- I want of which to leave to my take/tag MCM ? tax.  And      experienced/separated 3 more.  I want of which to leave to my take.  If she should ? before I do, would this sum shall be given to my ? ALC S ? ? 2- ? I want which to tax leave to my now/take/tao.  ? AC should she before I do.  Done this sum shall put ? do ALC 3- I want of which to tax to may now/take/tao SRML  ? tax for the dw + boy ? that she and where leisure, we MI his sum at that and I want which thank you for giving to my furnished/finished before for I and meant/maintain/mountain should pitched/preached I was/taxes 22 years.  To leave if say should each 8/S I want ? ? night/my cover @ which do this prop 915 ? @ 4545 subject ? LA tax 1/which home pray/prep/prop 915 Via French 50 + all remaining prop ? if I have given away some ? prior ? my death. Suzanne shall be allowed to borrow against her upcoming ? to help pay the estate taxes + she shall make repayment at her ? to make up the shortage If S sum ? before I do and she leisure/ensure J M there ? as shore us leave resp sky J will would continue this resp sky/is kind/his kind sure.  If ? in my will

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