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  1. Well, t-r-a-b is "trabajo", right, Valo?  As for the rest of them, I have no clue.  The Spanish Gregg shorthand texts I have at home are Series 90 – some of the brief forms may be the same.  I could look them up in my "free time".  I don't actually know what "free time" is anymore, though!

  2. Sure, you will!!! This is just a game, take aaaaaaaaaaaall the time you want.   It's interesting to realize that some short forms in English have the same meaning in Spanish, for example:

    NU= new [Spanish–> nuevo (a)]   T-R-A-B could be "trabajo" (noun), "trabajar" (verb) and "trabajo" [I work](verb)   😉   VALO

  3. I could contact the secretary of Asociación Chilena de Taquígrafos (Chilean Shorthand Reporters Association) and I asked about this art in my country.   He said that shorthand is used only and mainly in both chambers: Representative and Senate (Cámara de Diputados y Cámara de Senadores), but it's been heard that sometimes, reporters' services are employed in some county halls, in Santiago.   There are 19 reporters ("shorthanders" –> does this word exist?) at the Senate: Pitman: 9 Gregg: 6 Morma: 3 Mart챠: 1   Beside, about positions, he explained that applications there might have at the end of every year due to the retirement of the oldest reporters, in Senate.   He doesn't have information about Representative Chamber, but he's willing to collect information about them.   VALO

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