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The note I tried to send yesterday just would not go. Guess whatever quirky thing the MSN server was doing is solved. At the end of today’s submission (don’t worry, I won’t be deluging the group with notes) I posed a question. If you can read my writing, please respond. Incidentally, I also vote in favor of Anniversary and pre-Anniversary if you’re a newcomer to shorthand and want to be empowered for verbatim reporting. (Not that you’re likely to be called on to do so these days.) But you could go to church every Sunday, sit in the back and take down the sermon!

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  1. My shorthand teachers names were (and I kid you not):   First Year:   Wanda Wunder Second Year:  Beverly Thompson.   As a funny aside, I had Mrs. Wunder for 1st year typing, business english, shorthand, and she ran the "internship" program I participated in in my senior year.  Mrs. Wunder wrote DJS.  Mrs. Thompson was my link to Anniversary.  I can't thank her enough.  🙂

  2. I remember Miss Ledbetter fondly … a very professional lady then in her mid-30's who I suspect majored in business and minored in English as when she dictated words on pop quizzes we were expected to write them per the Manual and then use them correctly in a grammatically correct sentence to demonstrate that we knew their meaning. She was truly a class act.

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