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Hey found an excellent book online. I don’t know if its been mentioned on this site before. The whole book has been put on the following webpage

The website seems to host all kinds of free books online, but this is the only Gregg Shorthand one.

One of the most interesting sections is this one:

(by michael_lisitsa
for everyone)


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  1. Based on Chuck's recommendation I purchased this book last year. It's great! But be aware it is based on the 1902 Manual and provides a firm foundation for reporting shortcuts. Without Chuck's gracious assistance I would have been unable to recognize quite a few outlines in the chapter entitled Phrase Letters. If you're working with the book I'd recommend also working with a copy of the pre-1916 Phrase Book.

    It came as quite a surprise since I joined this very group to discover there was indeed a general movement to "simplify" Gregg BEFORE the 1949 Manual … the 1929 Anniversary Manual is an excellent exposition of the system which incorporates many simplifications, making the theory and rules more consistent than previously.

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