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  1. Have you seen their stuff?   The shorthand is all wrong.  They join "happy birthday" in a way that is an abomination.  The "many thanks" joins the "many" to the "thanks" with an "n" stroke.  And I don't know whose theory they are using to write "cheers".    Heretics!!  Blasphemers!!  Apostates!!  Infidels!!   We now return you to your regular programming . . . .

  2. I like the idea, and I've seen something similar on t-shirts.  I was just aghast at the joining of "happy birthday" and the "cheers" was completely alien.  Without the joining stroke, the forms are well written — except for the "cheers," I'm still reeling from that one.  🙂   Handywrite?  I'm going to have to look that one up.  I've not heard of it before.  Glad you found the real thing.  It's been great watching your progress. 

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