Wanted: George Amberson !

Someone contacted me sending a shorthand file. I know it’s not Gregg and it seems to resemble Pitman except there’s n real shading apparent. I’d like you to check it out but don’t want to misuse my limited space here. Could you send me a private email address so I could forward the email of the man who inquired and the attachment to your?

(by jrganniversary
for everyone)


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  1. JRG, thank you for your kind words; I almost feel like a celebrity.

    I am afraid I've gotten very rusty with reading Pitman. I probably wouldn't be able to decipher the text with any degree of certainty, but I certainly could–in a glance–tell you if it's Pitman. (There are others right here on MSGregg who would be able to decipher the text with little difficulty)

    If you would be kind enough to post a segment of the text, I'll be able to tell you if it's Pitman, and all the rest of us will go to work on the decryption.

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