Brief forms for the 21th century? “email” etc.

Is there a list of brief forms for words that are very common in today’s world? I’m thinking of words like e-mail, computer, MP3, etc.

(by sonjachick for everyone)

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  1. For "email" you could just add the "e" to your outline for mail.  It's pretty distinctive. 
    "Computer" is a pretty facile outline on its own.  For MP3, you could use the intersecting principle: "m-intersected p-superscript 3.   See Michael's string about keeping it modern.  There are some very good ideas there about how to write some of the things that we've got now that they didn't have when the texts were written. 

  2. Oh, sorry AnniFan i didn't finish reading your post, but I was able to post the link for her anyway.   For me I found Compute in the DJS dictionary (when I was doing that one, surprisingly I knew which dictionary to buy) and so I just added an r to it. And that's how I did e-mail too, just added an e to mail.  Debbi

  3. The link? no big deal, I just copied and pasted it.  I just go back to the General (or Anything Goes) page and copy and paste.  now if you want the link to start from the beginning of the message you need the url from the beginning  and then change it with the little icon above the message box.  Well you have to high light the link and then use the link icon. Debbi

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