Can you identify this shorthand style?

I’m working on a genealogy project and we’ve come across some notes taken of 9/25/63. I can read Gregg Jubilee and this is not it. Is there anyone willing to take a gander at it, please? LMK and I’ll send the first page. TIA – Kai

(by fuzbsmom for everyone)

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  1. Yes, Chuck. We are looking for a full transcript. I've posted pages 1 & 2. There are about 12 pages total. Anything you are willing to do to help will be greatly, greatly appreciated. PLMK your thoughts and, again, many thanks!

  2. It is pretty badly written shorthand, though, once you get used to the style, you can start to make sense of the outlines.  I admit that there's several that I'm scratching my head about.    Now you can understand why they speak so frequently to constant review of the principles of the system.  If you write according to theory, you have the theory to try and decipher.  The longhand is harder to decipher than the shorthand.  🙂 

  3. May I ask a favor, please? Will those of you who are working on deciphering these be willing to share what you think it says? Using the "On page ___, line #___" I think says "this" would help me greatly as I have somewhat of a rough draft of a different Application for Certification of Hawaiian Birth which is in english so perhaps I can (with your help) figure out whether some of the same questions are being asked on both???? The one I have is handwritten and a very poor copy (and I swear the longhand is wwaayy harder to read than the shorthand) but anything would help – even if its only one word. TIA! Kai

  4. Unfortunately, I don't have time right now to do a full verbatim transcript of 12 pages. But if you have a different document to compare it with, it would be much easier, and folks here could chip in. There are questions about the origin of the parents (English-Hawaiian for the father, Hawaiian for the mother), the father's name, the mother's name, their address, whether there are other brothers and sisters, etc.

  5. Aloha Kai,   I thought I'd check in to see if you got your interview translated yet. Although the regulars on this website are certainly better experts than I am at Gregg, I do live here in Hawaii. If you're on Oahu, I'd be happy to take a look at the transcripts for you. Let me know and we can set up a convenient time to meet.   Dennis

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