Confusing O and U?

I often confuse shorthand O and U, probably because the shape of O looks like the longhand letter U.

Any tricks to getting over this? Maybe something logical to help me associate the O and U shapes more strongly to my intuition.

(by sonjachick
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  1. Yes, this may sound a little odd: don't study the "u" until the "o" has been fixed in your brain. In other words, know the material in all lessons well before going forward. This may be a consequence of going over the lessons a little too fast. I believe that the lessons are spaced so that the probablity of confusion is minimized.

    Also, the "o" is written that way because that is how you start writing the "o" in longhand, by writing a hook and completing the circle on top. So Gregg took just the initial portion of the stroke for the symbol (the hook part), and reversed it for the "u".

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