Dictation Tapes / CDs

cds to practice speed building. Does anyone have any
suggestions or sources from which to obtain dictation materials?

Kind regards,

Ted Sparkuhl

(by tedo500 for everyone)

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  1. I posted a link not too long ago to "SpeedBuilders.com".  They have dictation at various speeds for cheap.  I subscribed to one of the specials and each week they give me three literary selections, three 2-voice dictations, a couple of medical dictations, and two sets of Names and Numbers.  It was about $32 for the series.  You can also get smaller sets for around $15.  I would recommend them.  The material is always original.   The literary materials consist of true literary pieces on various topics as well as some jury charge material.  The 2-voice consists of all kinds of cases, P/I, criminal, contract, etc.    The files are mp3 so they are easily accessible.    The url is:  http://www.speedbuilders.com/

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