I want a Tattoo that says “Pitman Sucks!” in Gregg. course most of the people who could read it would be older women, the only people who would be scandalized by the word sucks (and tattoos for that matter). 

(by wetblanket7 for everyone)

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  1. An interesting scenario might develop when you pass on. I can picture a roomful of forensic scientists, calling Washington for a cryptoanalyst, dying for just one clue as to what that mysterious tattoo on your behind means.

    Just imagine the mirth in the room when the puzzle is finally solved!

  2. You'd have to figure out the official way of writing it — cause if you made a mistake you'd hate it for the rest of your life!
    You'd also have to get a tattoo artist who is an expert in Gregg because you can't have an inferior hand drawing those outlines!!

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