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Good morning everyone.  I’ve been really busy getting the books balanced for the fiscal year (ended June 30) so I have been reading the postings but haven’t joined in lately.  Anyway…got a fall catalog from the local community college in the mail this weekend and guess what is being offered….”Gregg Shorthand: the Lost Art (for beginners)  Learn the lost art of shorthand!  This class is for administrative assistants, reporters, minute takers, students or anyone who wants to learn this beautiful art form.  Whether you take dictation or minutes, conduct interviews, take lecture notes in college or just want to learn a new skill, you will benefit from Gregg shorthand.  this promises to be a fun-filled, energetic class.”
I have called the college to ask what version they will be teaching, hopefully not Series 90 or Centennial, but chances are it’s Series 90.  I’ll let you know as soon as someone answers my voice mail.  I thought the “beautiful art form” in the class description was interesting too.  Take care, Joanne

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  1. Extraordinary in 2008. Two immediate questions come to mind: [1] What manual could the class be using? The only ones apparently still published are the Simplified c.1955 (!) and two Series 90 well over $100 each new. [2] Who could be teaching it? I've toyed with the idea of offering a class at my university in the future. I've never taught shorthand and this is only my fifth month studying it (if intensively), but who else would or could do it?

  2. Cost-wise Simplified is the most logical version for a beginning class as the Manual was in print until last year and new copies are readily available for under $15 on Anniversary would also be a financial possibility as decent copies of the Manual albeit in used condition can be had from the same source. (If they're doing DJS I have 5 copies of the Manual in "new" condition – never been opened – which I'll be happy to sell for far less than $100 a copy.) 🙂

  3. Its fair to say that you'd need several years experience before you can teach Gregg Shorthand properly. Getting confidence in your strokes so that they can be copied by the class is important. Also the class will not have much motivation to succeed if you have only reached 100 yourself. Hopefully the person teaching the class is some older lady that's been doing it her whole life and will have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  4. Hi guys.  I finally got a reply from the community college – they will be teaching Diamond Julibee – yea! Whoo hoo!    Since that is what I studied in high school, and what I still use today, I am going to sign up for the class in hopes it will boost my learning/remembering curve.  I do better when I have to "report" to someone so I'm excited.  Can you tell?   Joanne

  5. It's amazing, just amazing.  Did you get any information about who will be teaching the class?   I wonder if they've brought some retired teacher back . . . there can't really be any young people around with any shorthand teaching experience.    It will also be interesting to hear how many people sign up, and what kind of people want to take the class . . .   Alex

  6. I live in Springfield, Missouri which is in the southwest corner of the state.  I couldn't get any information on the teacher but I'm betting she's either in her 50s or 60s since DJS was taught in the early 70s.  After the class starts in September I'll fill you in on the teacher, the other classmates, and all the details.  I do hope enough people register for the class so it won't be cancelled.  As all of you know, when you practice on your own it is so easy to let it slide and before you know it, it will be several months or years later.    Keep your fingers crossed with me that the class gets at least five people registered (I'm pretty sure that's the cutoff for the class to happen).  JRGAnniversary the catalog is online at  Go to the Continuing Education section, Business classes – the description is on the bottom of page 41.  It didn't say anything about the textbook – I wonder if one is encluded in the cost??  If not, I have my high school textbook plus the DJS method textbook so I think I'm covered.    Joanne  

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