Offering Dictation Material :)

Hello! I’ve been recording a bunch of tough lit stuff for myself to help me get over the 170/180 hump, and I thought it seemed silly to keep it all to myself.

Does anyone know of a place where I can upload (and hopefully organize somehow) MP3s to share with everyone? If I cut the quality way down, I can probably get one file down to 9mb. Each one is about ten minutes long.

Some go up steadily like 120-140-170-190 in repeated readings, and some are ladders where the speed varies between 140 and 190 with no repetitions. The material is generally pretty tough (my current vein is the history of English literature to prepare for writing a lit class Thursday).

As I continue, I’ll be doing lit material of different kinds, such as science, medical, music, names, history, populations… I won’t go below around 140, however, and eventually, I’ll bump the top speed up to 210-220 (by the end of the year, I hope). This is straight word-count, so it might sound a little speedy sometimes to those of us used to syllabic count.

Is this of interest to anyone out there? 

(by erik for everyone)

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  1. Thats a good idea. The best thing would be to buy some webspace and make a simple html webpage. But that might be too much effort. Unfortunately its hard to find a good, free and stable file sharing service on the internet, many of them have restricting conditions, advertisement, bandwidth, or access. Its a minefield in fact unless you're willing to invest a few dollars.

    Hey is anyone aware of librivox audiobooks collection. You can basically record books in the public domain (before 1923). I was thinking it would be cool to record something like Alice in Wonderland read directly from shorthand. The system works through a forum, where the material is moderated, but afterwards is catalogued in the librivox databases and is quite accessible. If we divide a few chapters each, we might have enough people to read the book (albeit not at lightning speed.) Otherwise we could read something like "The Great Stone Face, but something tells me that is after 1923.

  2. One thing you could do (not that anywhere near being able to use it), is add a public folder on msn. First you have to log onto your hotmail account and click spaces (at the top). Then click skydrive (a centimeter down and to the right). Then on that screen there should be a link that says "Create a folder that anyone can view." You can make a folder and upload the dictations. Your hotmail account has 5 gigabytes of space which should be more than enough. If not you can always create another account.

  3. Alice is all ready on Librovox.  I've been looking for some to put on my MP3 along with my Sherlock Holmes Sign of Four, which I have the book written in shorthand.  So there are books on there that could be used, but not to check speed.   My MP3 player allows for slow, fast and faster speeds, which could work for shorthand dictation, but I haven't tried it yet for the book.  I've used the player for other shorthand dictation, that's why I am interested in online ones with timings, then I can see where I'm at and get better and there isn't a lot to download. Debbi

  4. I could offer maybe 150MB on our paid hosting account. Several ways we could manage access without giving away too much power.

    I won't do anything, though, until second week of September, after the kids are back in school and I've recuperated from the summer.


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