What is the best/easiest shorthand for a beginner to learn?

I would like to learn shorthand. I’m not sure which version I should begin learning. Does anyone have any ideas or advice to help me get started? Thanks in advance!

(by heidig10134 for everyone)

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  1. Congrats its a wonderful skill, but the best thing is to dive right into whatever version you have available and then reasses in around a weeks time (when you have discovered whether shorthand really is for you).

    You should read up on gregg.angelfishy.net
    There you will find information about each version.

    For tips to learning shorthand

    Since the Anniversary edition has the most material online (at the first website I mentioned), you probably should start learning with that one.

    Good Luck. The key is enjoying yourself when you study, shorthand is not a chore, and should not be treated as one.

  2. Look at the document gregg-shorthand-comparison.pdf (it's in the document section here).  Has a variety of Gregg shorthand versions.   Before you decide on Anniversary, you may want to consider some things.   Anniversary is not the easiest to learn.  But it is available online for free.  I like it myself as there are other factors to consider.  Check out the links and see what you think of it.   A lot here have learned Simplified.  It's easier the Anniversary, but not the easiest Gregg Shorthand, but provides a lot of things the others' dont.  And you can buy a new book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.   Diamond Jubilee is the next version and it's even easier.  Not as fast if you write.  I found it easy and I thought it looked good.  I learned this one first.   There are others, the pdf document shows them.   What else can you tell us about why you want to learn Shorthand?  For notetaking?  For fun?  For work?  For class notes?  How much time can you devote to studying? Have you ever learned shorthand?  Any version?   I'm sure others will have more ideas, but these are some of my thoughts. Debbi

  3. With no prior shorthand experience, should you choose Anniversary Gregg or Simplified, I'd heartily recommend the Functional Manuals as they start you off reading shorthand and provide a key to the lessons. The Anniversary Functional Manual is in two volumes, the Simplified but one. Both versions are readily and inexpensively available from eBay or Amazon. Good luck!

  4. Hi Debbi,

    I'm done with college, but beginning my Master's degree this fall. I wanted to learn Shorthand for a number of reasons. I think it's cool. I'd like to use it for note taking in business meetings. I think it would be fun to learn, and I feel that by learning it, I'd be one of the few that is helping to keep this art form alive…

    I have never learned Shorthand. I do, however, have my own version of cursive for fast-paced note taking that I guess one could consider to be a form of Shorthand. LOL

  5. You way want to consider Simplified Gregg, because it gives you a good balance of speed potential and ease of learning, and it is one of the most consistent series in terms of word building. It also provides a good overall foundation in the system, as with few modifications in the principles it can be used for verbatim reporting. The only caveat is that the practice material in the books is for the most part business-related, though you will have no problem writing anything you like.

    In general, the Gregg manuals come in three flavors: (1) a regular manual (for use in high schools), (2) a "functional method" manual (for high schools, but with the key in the back), and (3) a college manual. The college and regular manuals do not have the key. Since you will be studying on your own, try to get the "functional method" flavor. If you get instead the regular manual or the college manual, you will need to obtain the key separately, which may be problematic, as it is scarce. The presentation of the principles of the system in the three flavors is essentially the same, with slight variations in the practice material.

    It's great that you're considering taking shorthand for note taking. Shorthand is a skill that requires time to study and to practice. Don't expect to be writing at blazing speeds right after the end of the manual. However, you will be writing much faster than what you could ever do with longhand. A good strategy when first learning is to write those words that you learned in shorthand in your daily writing. This will help you in the learning of the system. Also, don't rush through the manual — learn the lesson well before moving forward to the next. If you rush, you will find that later on you will find a word that you're wondering why it is written a certain way, and in a great majority of cases it is because a principle was not drilled or learned well before.

    Good luck, and don't hesitate to post if you have a question.

  6. Welcome!

    Don't panic if you don't get a key right away. If you do get one, leave it at the far side of the room. I managed to read the DJS manual without one. Yes, I struggled with some of the words, but never for more than a session or two. If you miss more than a word or two per lesson, you need to go back to earlier theory, not to the key.


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