Shorthand Diamond Jubilee

I took Shorthand I and Shorthand II and Transcription in High School and found the Shorthand I was using very easy to understand and I loved using it.  I use it to this day with notes and so forth.  Shorthand is no longer popular in High School and seems like it’s such a lost art.  I firmly believe that we really need to get it back into schools and colleges so people can again learn this wonderful art.  I am so glad I found this group too.  🙂  Feel free to write me to individually with comments.  Thanks.

(by robw1160 for everyone)

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  1. Welcome, I agree as well that it should be introduced again because it is so useful in all aspects of life.   The strangest thing is, when someone at uni asks me about it; I tell them quite happily, all about the benefits and give them a demonstration. Yet not one person has even inquired about how they would go about learning it, or showed a sign of interest in learning it themselves.   I've posted a story from a Leslie & Zoubek Book 'Speed Drills in Gregg Shorthand'; a great book, about Zoubeks adventures meeting and discussing shorthand on an airplane. Its lengthy, but a rewarding read and might give you some hints about enticing other people to learn shorthand. It is called "K and Gay on Trip No.8.pdf"   Oh Shikes its in Anni format, and you're DJ. Well you might figure it out if you try really hard. You'll find this forum has a regular few Anni devotees but the number of regular Simplified or DJ writers is less, and for the other series's there sometimes pops up a Series 90 writer.

  2. People react the same way to Esperanto as they do to shorthand . . . "Oh, that's an interesting idea" or "How nice that you're interested in that".  An expression of interest doesn't necessarily mean anyone is going to pursue the topic any further.  And even recognizing that something has value doesn't often stimulate anyone to do anything about it.    Even though I'm a DJS writer, I was able to read your "Kay and Gay on Trip No. 8" (thanks for posting it!) with minimal difficulty . . . there were only a couple of outlines I couldn't read–the others were clear from context.  That probably reflects how stable the core elements of the system are across the different versions.   Alex

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