Online Shorthand Course: Shorthand 101

I just found an online shorthand course: Gregg Shorthand 101 (Centennial Version). It is sponsored by  The link is here:
The interesting thing is that it is really a Gregg Shorthand Simplified course (not centennial). Here is the outline, which follows exactly the lessons in the Simplified Gregg manual: In addition, they recommend using the Simplified manual.
Anyone find it odd that the picture in the website does not match with the title of the course?

(by Carlos for everyone)


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  1. Is that Gregg in the picture of the steno book? If it is, it's not like any Gregg I've ever seen.   We talked about this course in March:   Online Shorthand Course   The problem that I had with the S90 course was that we never had to submit actual written Gregg. Any assignments submitted were in alphabetic text.   Interesting that she thinks Centennial IS Simplified.   sidhe

  2. I am currently taking this course through UniversalClass. It is nothing more that Gregg Simplified. The book, as mentioned above, is recommended, however, not required. I highly suggest obtaining the book. The outline and proportion therein are better than the online outlines. It seems to be a good course. When one is left with nothing else, what is one to do????? Shorthand is not offered anywhere here, and I live in Philadelphia. Imagine that. What a crime!!!!!!
    BTW, the picture is of Pitman Shorthand and NOT GREGG!!!!!!!!

  3. Actually, that's not Pitman. I suspect TeeLine. The text confusion is probably because the publishers recently reprinted Simplified.

    I'm curious how it's going. Does the course material help? Also, how do they handle dictation and assignments? Does she mark the shorthand?

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