The Champions Write

In one of my Gregg Writer magazines, it was mentioned the movie “The Champions Write”. I’d imagine this be some sort of documentary with Gregg and other pen stenographers.

It would be amazing to watch. Does anyone know of any existing copies?

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  1. These were apparently industrial films produced by Gregg. It would be a gas if a copy could be found.

    Here's more info:

    DONALD MANASHAW, 7352 Hollywood
    Blvd., Hollywood, California, has pro-
    duced two industrial films for Gregg
    Publishing Co., and the Delehanty Insti-

    The Champions Write l /2 reels,
    16mm color and sound presents eight of
    the fastest shorthand writers in the
    United States today and the secrets of
    their speed. Their actual writing is shown
    in closeup, synchronized with the actual
    oral dictation. Available from The Gregg
    Publishing Company, 270 Madison Ave.,
    New York City.

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