Shorthand and iPods

Has anyone been successful at creating a pdf of any of the manuals in a legible format for an iPod? When I tried this once, the outlines were all jagged and illegible.
I am wondering if someone has done this already.

(by Carlos for everyone)


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  1. I don't have an iPod but an MP3 player.  The only thing I can think of is that I have a spanish learning podcast and they mention their premium material (too much with the dollar converstion at the moment) have flash cards, not sure how they do this.  Maybe that would work to study certain things, like phrases.   FlashCards using Power Point – here's a link I found which suggests using powerpoint and making them into photos…   Doing a google search, Looks like there's software too.   Not sure how else to do this…

  2. I did find though on mine, I need to do just a few outlines per page.  Well I found equivilant to size 44 font the best to view (size 32 font was okay, but not that great).  I just tried some words and tested the font size and saved that.  So on the anniversary pdf manual it's too wide to do the entire line.  So letters  and articles may be out until I figure out how to do something different.  But I can review principles.  Debbi

  3. pdf? Why? A photo album would work just as well. Begin rant: I've seen too many cases where the pdf format loses information, or makes me scroll side-to-side. Yeah, maybe most of the time they're done right so I just don't notice, but every so often they really annoy me. Like the graphic designer who sent the playschool logos in a pdf file which I couldn't break down, so I had to take a screen shot of the image and it wouldn't resize well. End rant.

    For flash cards, try Avery-Dennison Design Pro. It's free. You design the main card, then merge a database (in its own format, or one of the standards) when you print. Seemed fairly straightforward when I did it two years ago on the other computer. Let me know if you want me to recheck.

  4. Most of the shorthand material is scanned into PDF documents.  There are some other ones here in the documents section but on the   site they are in pdf formats.    So that Avery program puts them into pictures?  Which format?  jpg or bmp or ?  Or do we save it that way after it's all done?

  5. The program uses it's own format (ZDL) and outputs an actual printout. If you have a PDF print driver, you can make PDFs from it that way.

    The example they use is business cards. One company logo and address, and a list of names and titles, combined to make personal cards.

    I'm installing it now to see if you can include images in the database.

  6. Okay, maybe it's just me (I'm not feeling that great).  But how does that work to put it on an iPod or MP3 player?    With PowerPoint you can save it to a .jpg file and then put that on an iPod or MP3 player as per the link to the instructions in message 2.  I understand about printing it, but not about saving or putting it on a player.  So what are the extention options in saving these flashcards?   I know my player will accept a few different ones to make them into photos.  For mine it looks like it took the .jpg and made them a .bmp file, which is fine since it works. Thanks.

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