Today my shorthand was useful!!

Hey a little incident to tell everyone about.

I am part of a Jewish group which runs activities on Israel and the like. So I’m coming into Borders to read some books on the Intifada. I realise, I’m not gonna pay for the books. I don’t have my voice recorder and even if I did, I would look a bit strange talking into it at a bookshop. And I didn’t have my camera.

So out come my notebook. 1 hr later, I have countless pages (turned out to be 1200 words) of quotes and summarization. Now I did the stats hoping for a speed of 80wpm or something. Unfortunately its more like 20 words per minute. But considering that I had to sit down, and look through the indexes, summarize in some sections and re-read its not half bad. I was not in an ideal position either writing on my lap or on a low coffee table, but my notes were nearly fully transcribe-able and today I was able to transcribe them and use them in my activity.

Hooray for shorthand as still being a thing of usefulness!!

PS – Don’t get me wrong though. I use my shorthand every day. My diary has been shorthanded for the last 9 months. My uni notebooks, for the last 5 months (and they look disastrous) but they were disastrous beforehand. I figured, since I don’t read them anyway, I might as well write them quicker.

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  1. Excellent use of shorthand, Michael!

    I used my shorthand extensively in college and in graduate school for taking notes from texts (in the library) just as you did, for lecture notes (and never needed to transcribe them from the original shorthand), for drafting and revising my thesis and other papers and assignments, and for general "jotting down" in tests to make sure I would cover all points I wanted to make in the order I wanted to make them. I can't imagine going to school without shorthand!


  2. Great use for shorthand!   We have little seminars or lectures at lunch once in a while here at work and I take my steno book with me to write in shorthand.  I'm never sure if they have ever said we couldn't record (sometimes they do so we can check it out of the office library) so I just use my shorthand.   I know I've used mine in my little notebook I carry with me when I wanted to write something, especially something private and didn't have anything with me or just wanted to actually write.

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