A whole web page in Shorthand

I invite you to take a look at the new page of my website: a whole page in Shorthand.  Its name: “Shorthand Newspaper”.  Every month a new page will be launched.  The aim: to help the online students to develop their shorthand reading.  I hope you like the idea.  And I also hope that many other shorthand website owners will do the same, so that we can have in a very short time many shorthand pages like that – using different systems.  The system used in the “Shorthand Newspaper” is the Maron System, a brazilian one.  So, I hope you will like it: http://www.taquigrafiaemfoco.com.br/index_jornal_taquigrafico.html
Prof. Waldir Cury

(by taquígrafo for everyone)

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  1. Thats looks cool. I would happily make one as my brother has a tablet pc, but I need to learn a bit about dreamweaver or another website making software because at the moment I haven't used them.

    Also I need to find some webspace.

    Luckily my long holidays will start soon (summer here in Oz is Dec – Feb, and I might have time for something like that.

  2. Micheal, I wouldn't bother with DreamWeaver. With your engineering brain, you can learn to code faster than you can learn to use the program. And once you learn to code, you'll never be happy letting a program do it for you.

    I do a bit of website design and have tons of space on my own domain. (www.onebit.ca) If you do the hard part of deciding what you want visitors to see, I can do the rest. It would be a good addition to my portfolio. (And, yes, you'll be able to do as much or as little of the coding as you like.)

    I start with pencil sketches — no sense spending hours fighting with Word or Adobe or whatever to get things perfect, only to do it all over again in HTML and CSS.

    Of all the tutorial sites I've explored, http://www.htmldog.com is the best for beginners and intermediate. It teaches the basics in a way that is expandable, and also explains why some of the other ways, while marginally easier, make it harder in the long run.


  3. Thanks for the offer.
    If it was not exam period, I'd volunteer to learn the coding myself, but I think I'll take up your offer of helping me out doing the coding.
    I can imagine this will work best as a collaborative effort.

    Say I write the headings, and side bars and draw up the basic interface. You convert that into code. Everyone (including me and you) can contribute articles (written in shorthand obviously) about whatever topics or interests you have.

    I'll try make a start on something.

  4. Learn for the exams? I thought you were supposed to learn as it was taught, so for the exams you just have to review. And most of engineering builds on the earlier concepts, so studying the final few weeks automatically reviews the first.

    (I was never good at cramming, so absolutely had to learn it the first time.)

    The timing works for me, too. I wasted too much time this month, and have two deadlines staring me in the face.

    Best of luck!

  5. Plus however well I learn it the first time, it hardly makes it till the end of semester. I find uni is a challenge, but its mostly a memory game that you play. How many times do I have to reinforce this new information for me to be able to spit it out in the exam.

    At least with shorthand I don't have memory problems. How can you when you spend so much time doing it!!

  6. Gracias, Osvaldo!  Nice to hear from you! I like it too.  And so do the online course students of the Maron System. By the way, many people that speak Spanish (from Spain, from Central and South America countries) enter my online course in order to learn shorthand, but in spite of the "excellence" (so they call) of the methodology used in the course (with many interesting exercises and videos), they find a serious obstacle in it: the language (Portuguese).  Of course that makes it difficult for them to achieve their goal, and they give up.  A great number of those people who want to learn shorthand come from the "emagister foro", where my course is indicated. (http://foros.emagister.com/foro_de_taquigrafia-13374.htm) So, here goes a suggestion to you and to all those who are teacher of stenography and loves it and knows the supreme importance of this kind of writing: the creation of a website for teaching stenography in Spanish.  That is really an enormous gap that should be filled! Con un cordial saludo! Waldir Cury    

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