Assistance With Pitman

Hey, folks —
I’m working on a transcription job.  I’ve got the Gregg covered.  However, there are two short notes written in Pitman.  Unfortunately, my Pitman didn’t make it past the first few lessons.
I’m hoping that someone can assist me in completing this transcription.  The notes were written in 1936.
Any referrals would be gratefully received.

(by anniversaryfan1 for everyone)

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  1. Hi, Peter.

    I apologize for the lengthy delay in responding–some personal issues kept me away from the computer for a spell.

    Pondering the issue at hand, I conclude that I could no longer be a reliable transcriber of Pitman. While unique outlines are easy to transcribe, much of Pitman relies on the use of short (brief) forms and phrasing, which relies on those same short forms. After a period of non-use, I've noticed that the first thing a writer forgets is those short forms, which of course makes Pitman–advanced Pitman, especially–unreadable. Pitman (and perhaps Gregg, too) is a system that really does have to be kept up; you use it or lose it.

    If the originator of the Pitman passage chooses, he could have it professionally transcribed. I know a source, but she's not cheap. Please let me know if this meets the needs of the client, and I'll pass the information on to you.

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