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  1. RE Behavior

    I have used this word a lot over this years. I'm not checking
    the dictionary, and I very possibly have changed it, but
    what I write is—

    b– backward A– v– o –r, though when writing fast I sometimes
    leave off the "o" and just use the r.

    (By backward-A I mean the A is written clockwise and
    to the left of the B.)

    I think it's the backward A that makes the word very distinctive
    and easy to read in shorthand. Right now I'm thinking just the
    B, backward A, and V is plenty enough.

    For behavioral I would just add an L-valley through the V.

    (I vaguely recall the dictionary might have had a dot
    over the A to signify the h before the a.)

    Richard Harper

    On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 11:26 AM, Gregg Shorthand
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    > How to write "behaviour" ???
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    > From: DebbiAvon1
    > opps. I would do the 'h dot' last, after the r.
    > so b-a-v-r-h dot
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  2. No.  The "a" is on the back of the "b" and is written as you would typically write the "a-v" combination.  "Behavior" is in the Anniversary dictionary; they include the h-dot in the dictionary but I've found the outline is distinctive enough not to need the medial h.

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