An older article, but some might not have seen it

A interview in 1996 with Martin J Dupraw who was a champion shorthand writer back in the day of Pre-Anni and Anniversary editions. I’m sure those of you addicted to shorthand enough to llook at the fifth page of Google have discovered it already (such as myself), but its a rare gem of reporting in a world where shorthand seems to have dissappeared off the map.

Heres the gem I discovered at second reading, answering a question about why he didn’t go into Law:

A. When I graduated from law school, we were in the midst of a terrific depression and instead of going into law, I went into court reporting. My family went broke, and I had to go out and make some money. You can’t imagine how terrible that depression was.
Judging by the financial issues in the air these days, we better start sharpening our pencils, because court reporting is gonna be the NEW skill.

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  1. I had a quick question. Do any of you know where I can get reading material for Gregg Shorthand, Simplified? I know there's some shorthand stories out there, but they're in the older Gregg shorthand that I haven't learned.
    Thanks for everybody's help.

  2. Mark   The short answer is no, there is not much literature in Simplified.   The longer answer is:  Today's Secretary, a magazine once called the Gregg Writer, was published by McGraw Hill, and contained articles in Simplified from 1951-ish, I think into the 70's.   Ebay has some of the magazines published in the 50s.   I think that's the closest you'll get to extra literature.   sidhe

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