Nothing like a few new phrases to get the wheels turning

So there’s a little bit of a let down once you finish the manual and have nothing to do but slowly build up your speed over a number of years.

Well to give people some motivation, maybe these two pages from section 3 of the “Speed Building for Colleges” will cheer you up. Seeing some alien forms, even though they are little useful as “I call your attention to the fact”, although stuff like “back and forth” are little jems of shorthand, can really bring your shorthand writing alive.

SO have a look. Have a half an hour play with it if you want, maybe even post a picture of your attempt to write some of them.


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  1. Isn't the joy of being able to write legible shorthand personal satisfaction enough? Although I embarked on the study of Gregg 50 years ago, I found the ability to take minutes of meetings reporting style offered many opportunities for job advancement. I worked some years as an editor and eventually fell into graphic design for advertising display ads. And I still use the 1945 Gregg Speed Building for Colleges as well as the Anniversary Expert Speed Course for review and practice. Copies of The Gregg Writer are usually available on eBay which have entertaining articles as well as practical theory review. There is also a variety of good literature available, written in Gregg. Michael's sample pages are an excellent example of theory review. Phrasing can be fun! Too bad starting with Simplified and DJS many of the phrases were omitted. Of course if you're only using Gregg to keep a journal or write business letters, you don't need the extensive phrases employed prior to 1949. But the entire idea of modifying outlines and omitting unnecessary words has a way of becoming addictive. Surely anyone in this group is interested in using/learning Gregg, whichever version, and should be happy that so much material besides the basic Manual is out there and affordable!

  2. I have a Gregg writer article with a whole bunch of phrases to memorize, including I believe phrases outside of the business environment. Let me see if I can dig it out and I can post the article.

    Of course, in any endeavor like this, one needs to practice until it becomes automatic. Phrasing is like using brief forms. I would recommend doing some "dry dictation" of sentences and passages, so that one recognizes the patterns, before doing actual dictation practice.

  3. Oh I could actually read some of these without looking at the key first.  I must be getting better.  I usually have a hard time with phrases unless their in a sentence, and even then sometimes I miss them the first time around, trying to think of it as one word instead of several. I have the anniversary phrase book–like the dictionary but full of phrases.  I enjoy reading it from time to time.  I've written from it a few times, but not too often. Debbi

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