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Does anyone know the exact time span before a book can be considered public domain. I can see on Google Docs, a wealth of anniversary books, but nothing beyond 1922 is viewable or downloadable.

By this logic, you’d expect, the that copyright of a book is 85 years. This would mean we would have to wait till 2015 till anniversary stuff starts being available, and 2035 till Simplified starts being available. Diamond Jubilee users will be dead before they can access their books.

From what I’ve read, Google is fighting the book publishers for out-of-print but copyrighted books to become available, albeit with a cost. So that’s the story. Feel free to elaborate.

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  1. Let us assume that when the Anniversary Manual falls into public domain and a publisher wishes to reissue it — ok, that's an assumption in itself as there is so little public clamor for shorthand texts — the magazine The Gregg Writer published monthly during the school year for Gregg students and teachers had additional coaching and practice aids coordinated with the lessons in the Manual which an editor should go through and add them lesson by lesson with the "new" Anniversary Manual. Why? Because the succinct explanations in these articles are designed to clarify rules and theory which may not be immediately apparent from the Manual. The publisher should also issue the Third Edition of Speed Studies but that may present a problem as that version was published in the '40's. However, this imaginary publisher should put out the Manual and Speed Studies as a matched set. A real shorthand beginner "can't have one without the other".

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