I emailed a local placement agency about whether it’s financially worth upgrading to business speeds. (Always nice if a hobby can make money.)

Here’s the reply:

Thank you for contacting us to assist you. To be quite honest, I haven’t had this request more then once or twice in the past 5 years- we do get calls with a need for dicta within the medical field. Sounds like your calls to local businesses within the legal field is a good idea- wouldn’t hurt to also call other industries to see if there is a need?

Sorry couldn’t be of more help with regards to information. If you would like to send your resume we can keep it in our dbase for future reference should a need come up for someone with pen or machine shorthand.

Kind regards,


So, I can’t hide my Gregg purchases under “career upgrading” unless I go through legal and/or medical training. Sigh.


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