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To make your transition to Multiply an easy one, we’ve set up a special group where you can get all of your questions answered. For example:

Q: Where is the message board?
A: Click on the Inbox link at the top of any page to see messages from all of your groups in one place.

Visit the MSN Migration Group to see more common questions and to learn about all of Multiply’s great features.

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  1. Another `feature`:
    quote: You don't have any unread content. The Summary Alert is only sent when there are new messages you haven't seen.

    Not sure how it decides what I haven`t seen. A hard one to test. Will figure it out.

  2. It works the way Multiply thinks it should. I've been looking for a better way. New replies to old threads are only temporarily considered newer than middle-age posts with middle-age replies. Not sure how long "temporary" is.

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