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  1. The problem with that particular logo is that since it is horizontal, it does not show well inside the little square box. If there is a way of redoing it, I'm more than welcome to change it. I also like it very much — that's why I have it on the welcome box.

  2. I'm in my mid-fifties but recently have taken on a fascination with shorthand. I'm trying to learn it, and, yes, it is not easy, especially at my age. But, I'm determined. And I have a winning strategy that's working for me. First, I've purchased about a dozen old shorthand textbooks on eBay. I've settled on Anniversary. It seems to be the fastest and therefore best. I've mastered the fundamentals so far. I just have to master the many individual forms. Now with the strategy: I'm working off the 5,000 Most-Used Shorthand Forms: Download free here: http://gregg.angelfishy.net/ . It is incredible how intelligently this book is designed. Easy forms first. Learning does not seem overwhelming, because you can tackle one section at a time. My big trick is to dictate the words to my digital voice recorder. Doing this, I'm not dependent on an instructor to recite lessons. I can make them myself. My brand of voice recorder (Olympus) allows me to slow down a recording or speed it up. At first, I can play a recording slowly, working toward listening at a fast rate. The learning process is fluid and therefore very effective. I have a quixotic dream: to be a stringer for a news organization…calling in facts from my shorthand notes. If I never achieve this, the skill will always serve me well.

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