Which version of Gregg do you write?

Which series of Gregg do I write predominantly?







Diamond Jubilee


Series 90




A mixture of Anniversary and Pre-anniversary


A mixture of Simplified and Anniversary


A mixture of everything!


I don’t write Gregg.


(by Carlos for everyone)

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  1. Although I learned on Simplified, I gravitated to Anniversary and now write Pre-Anniversary with maybe an occasional Anniversary outline thrown in. (Old habits die hard.) I particularly like the short forms such as the "tr" principle, the "ing" position, and several other shortcuts not covered in later versions. They're worth the memory strain to learn.

  2. I write basically Anniversary with the adoption of some of the Pre-Anniversary word beginnings/endings, as well as some of the shortcuts in the Gregg Reporting Shortcuts book(s). I'm really trying to improve my utilization of the abbreviating principles. I started with Series 90 so if it's not right up front, I'm going to attempt to write it out. Such a bad habit.

  3. 26 replies out of 35 members, we have a very active (albeit small) community here!!

    I started with Anniversary and all my attempts so far to introduce reporting or pre-anni principles have failed, besides a few really common words like "Australia" utilizing the -tr principle.(cause I live in Australia). I like the rigidity of having straight anniversary, that I can pick up any manual, gregg writer, gregg dictionary or speed building book and it will use the exact same word that I should use.

  4. I learned DJS and then switched to Anniversary. by mistake. Really. I wanted to learn it again after years of not using it and picked up a "Gregg Shorthand" book not knowing there was a difference although it looked different. But I liked the older book and kept at it. This group taught me the difference. I do think DJS is prettier but I like the speed capabilities of Anni.

  5. I'm learning Series 90. It's a 'sticking with it' situation because I like the quality and availability of learning materials. Series 90 timed in for the electronic office, both county and city libraries have the same M-H books.

  6. I used the DJS in high school. My teacher was so old that she learned from Mr. Leslie. Since the cover of the book showed Gregg and Leslie as the authors, we were duly impressed. She taught us to hold the pencil loosely and she would walk around the room and grab your pencil if you were holding it too tightly. If you were clenching – watch out!

  7. I started off with Evans Shorthand by John Comstock Evans in my earlier years. I then gravitate to court reporting school and the stenograph machine, writing Thyra Ellis' Championship Theory out of Jacksonville Beach, FL. Now a Certified Shorthand Reporter/Official Court Reporter, I've decided to pick up my pen (fountain) again and learn Gregg. I am almost through the UniversalClass "Centennial" Gregg course, which seems to me to be nothing more than a revival of Simplified. Anywho, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. By the way, I registered for Simplified, because I think that really is what I am writing. They can call it whatever.

  8. I'm just beginning my learning. The goal is to be able to take (much) better notes. There is more to that than writing speed, but writing speed will help I hope. Getting verbatim sentences would be nice.

    A DJS book from the library got me started but I figured I'd need more than the 3 months or so that I can have it checked out contnuously. I found the Anniversary manual and reading material online, and thought about starting to learn it. In the end I went to a used book store and found a Second Edition manual for Simplified, so that is where I'm headed.

    I feel a little funny about saying I write Simplified in the poll because I am just getting started. But in a year or so it will be true.

  9. I´ve gone through most of the Gregg versions starting in 1963 with Simplified then to Anniversarythen to Light-Line, which is the one that I like, then to DJ, my least favorite. In German, I can do Pitman German and some Einheitschrift. I have just discovered that Gregg had a German version, too. So my newest project is to learn it.

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