Monumental Work for Move to Multiply

Just wanted to say thank you to Mcbud, aka Carlos, better known as Chuck.
It seems like a fairly time consuming move, so thank you for doing this.

(by sidhetaba for everyone)

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  1. I agree! You did a great job with the move.

    I see you even made a search button for the group! Love the colours and the new logo. I agree, putting the documents in the blog doesn't seem right. We'll find something that does.

  2. Thanks sidhe. I actually wanted to test the move myself before I would move the group for real, but then it turned out that once you start the moving procedure, you cannot remigrate the group. So that meant that I needed to make sure that we had a site that was functional. That's the real reason of the short notice. The worst part was to make sure that everything was there once the move was complete. So I had to decide on logos, themes, etc., with very little feedback. Of course, now that we are here, I would like to hear from other members on how to make this a better home.

    I still have to decide what to do with the documents. There is no place to put them, other than in the blog, and I'm not that keen to the idea.

  3. Perhaps one thread per what used to be folders in documents. Frustrating, since many documents were references. Can we do a reference page that links to them?

    I have some room on my server, but don't want long-term responsibility for the group's files.

  4. I have to play with the pdfs in the photo section. The main thing is to keep the documents organized. The links idea is also a good one.

    UPDATE: The photo section does not take PDFs.

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