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  1. I started these this afternoon. Going through the exercises puts the natural flow of the outlines into the shapes for me. I was trying to manufacture the shapes and proportions, and these exercises connect the origins of the outlines to my handwriting. I looked, in vain, in the manuals for exactly this information. Thanks very much for posting them!

    Mary Champion's business writing looks very similar to the writing used as examples in the Penmanship Exercises in the Gregg Writer. If you're interested:

    Here is a list of books online at iampeth for this older handwriting:

    I like using the Champion book because it isn't quite as old-fashioned as the others, and I can connect it to the way I write. Some of the older ones are just too foreign for me. They are similar to reading my great-grandparents' letters–familiar, but, far away.

    I learned a style of cursive writing which was very similar to the Champion, but more oval. I am glad to have these resources for the shorthand. The elliptical shapes and proportions are fascinating.

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